The Beyond the lines origin story

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“It’s not about what happens between the lines. It’s about what happens beyond the lines.” 

The Start

Imagine a 6 year old Chantal and her school friends lining up for their very first race – the 60m sprint! There’s lots of excitement and anticipation in the air. The race starts. And it’s….. Absolutely. F**king. WILD!

It’s noisy, the 6 year old’s are running around like headless chickens, there is absolutely no structure, and almost all of them are weaving in and out of the lines….  All but one… Me! 

I was in my own little world, I didn’t hear any noise, I was so very focussed, going so very slowly, like an uncoordinated little duckling. But unlike the others, I was very determined and running between the lines….  

Then *plot twist* despite my efficiency, I came last….. (And it’s the best thing that ever happened to me). 

Like all the other kids, I ran into my mother (Lundi’s) arms when crossing the finish line, but for Lundi and I this moment was…  Different. Significant. Pivotal….. 

The first thing she said to me as I crossed the finish line (translated from Afrikaans) was: 

Lundi: “You ran beautifully, Chantal. And, did you know you have an unfair advantage?”
Chantal: “Really?”
Lundi: “You were the only one who ran between the lines, and crossed the finish line with determination.” 

It’s a moment we both remember vividly and her words had so many knock on effects to shape who I am as a person today. 

My thinking process was:

“I’m already the best at running in a straight line. And! I have determination. So all I need now is to learn how to run fast to win races! Pfffft. Simple”. 

It’s funny to think about now, but I was so damn smug! It’s ridiculous. I’m actually smiling to myself as I write this thinking about the feeling I had. I felt like I had this little secret weapon up my sleeve that no one knew about. (Finding your unfair advantage and feeling like you have an unfair advantage is equally important. Did someone say placebo?)

Eventually my secret weapon and determination paid off. I became the Surf Life Saving Nippers National sprint and flags champion, showcasing my speed, agility, and determination. I’ve also gone on to accomplish lots of other athletic pursuits, the most brag worthy one being qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics (sadly the African spot was taken away in the end), but man oh man, what a fun journey that was. (This is a blog post for another day!).

My Lessons

In essence it wasn’t about what I did between the lines for my first ever race. It was about what happened beyond the lines. 

My lessons learnt here basically apply to all areas of my life now when I’m trying to achieve something. I truly believe we can all achieve anything we put our minds to. 

I’m not saying difficult things are easy. But I’m saying it’s simple. 

  • Join the race
  • Discover your unfair advantage
  • Then, oh so very importantly, go beyond the lines, think BIG and use your unfair advantages to loop hole yourself to success.  

Too often I see people:

  • Not dreaming big enough. They don’t believe they have the capability. Trust me, you do. 
  • They do dream big but only ever run between the lines, not beyond. They follow a formula instead of understanding the formula and making it their own.  
  • They know their unfair advantage, but they feel guilty about it. So they don’t make use of it. Trust me, it will balance out, you will be disadvantaged in other areas. And! Life’s not fair, win where you can and make a positive difference as a result. Don’t feel guilty! 

Introducing CTOxCMO Partners

Throughout my journey, Lundi has been more than just a mother; she is a motivator, mentor, and coach, instilling the values of perseverance, resilience, and the courage to go beyond the lines. Together, we have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth, proving that with determination and support, anything is possible.

And so, from the humble beginnings of a school athletics carnival, our story became the foundation of Beyond the Lines (BTLX), a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to dream and strive to surpass their limits.

Welcome to CTOxCMO Partners…. Tell me… What do you want to achieve? What’s your unfair advantage? Are you brave enough to go beyond the lines? Of course you are!  Let’s chat!


Want to go beyond the lines? Let’s work together

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